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"Everything that can be put
into words can be put clearly"

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian philosopher


dino.jpgCurrent finds of dinosaurs are providing the fact that they were the biggest animals which at any time walked on the Earth. Some had mass over 130 ton! Did they inhabit the area of current Poland? What did they eat? Why did they become extinct? We will answer not only these quwstions during January meeting of the Silesian Science Café. Participants will be able to touch the Authentic Tooth of the Dragon from LISOWICE. We are inviting on the 7th of January at 6 pm to the Rondo Sztuki in Katowice.
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Molecular cuisine

kucharze-wikipedia_uk.jpgDo you want to be a good cook? Learn physics and chemistry. A "molecular cuisine" will be a topic of next meeting of the Silesian Science Cafe. Let's meet on the 5th of November at 6 pm at the Rondo Sztuki in Katowice (Eye of the City).
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